You got questions? We got answers!


What is VPN.fail?

VPN.fail is a community project. We believe privacy should be a fundamental right and we made it our mission to fight for it. We offer fast and reliable VPN servers, free public proxy lists and an API for those automation freaks out there.

Our free VPN service is open to everyone, no account registration required during the first year. We will always offer pool of free VPN servers to chose from, because we believe in internet freedom and want you to browse without the fear of fail!

In the future, we will offer premium VPN accounts for our most advanced users.


How are you different from other VPNs?

Traditional VPN providers such as Expre**VPN, No**VPN, P*A or Surfsh**k easily get their servers blacklisted in countries like Russia, China or Iran. Our VPN service is powered by our amazing community. We have a light footprint and can quickly evolve or adapt.


How do I use your VPN?

Our VPN service is free and easy to install. After you create your account with our Telegram bot, all you need to do is download a VPN configuration file for the location of your choice. Add the configuration file to your favourite VPN application, on mobile or PC. We recommend to download official VPN applications from WireGuard or OpenVPN.


What's the point in using Telegram?

Telegram is the go-to app in countries with heavy internet restrictions, such as Iran, Russia or China. Telegram is impossible for governments to completely restrict or block, that's what makes it the perfect delivery mechanism for proxy and VPN configs, when proxy and VPN websites are blocked. If you're not on Telegram, you should definitely try it out! Check out our Telegram bot @vpnfail_bot and our Telegram channel @vpnfail_news.


Why use VPN instead of TOR?

Plenty of reasons. The most common advantage of a VPN over Tor is the current Tor design does not support the transport of UDP-based protocols through exit nodes in the network. This is unlikely to be supported in the near future, so a VPN is what you need for online gaming, and video streaming.


Do I need an account?

To celebrate our launch, you don't need an account to use our free PPTP and OpenVPN servers during the first year. If you chose WireGuard protocol, you will have to connect to our Telegram bot. We don't care who you are or where you come from. No email address, personal information or payment details are required to use our free VPN. The free VPN service is 100% free and will stay free forever.


Do you keep any logs?

We strongly believe in true anonymity, therefore we do not track our users. We do not keep any entry or exit logs for our VPN servers.


Do you block anything?

We are fighting censorship and helping internet users everywhere gain privacy. We do not block anything.


How do you deal with abuse?

Our number one priority is offering a high quality VPN experience to all of our users. Any kind of abuse on our network will be stopped and reported immediately.


Are the VPN servers your own?

Yes, all VPN servers on VPN.fail (WireGuard, OpenVPN and PPTP) are owned by us.


What about the proxy servers?

The proxy servers aren't ours. We cannot guarantee the privacy of your data as it goes through any of the proxy servers on our list. We collect public proxy servers by crawling the internet, then we constantly check them to make sure you always have access to the freshest ones.


How do you cover your costs?

In the early days, the project was started by covering the monthly expenses from our own pockets. Now that our community has grown, advertising, partnerships and donations cover our expenses with the free servers. VPN.fail is a project started because we needed a VPN ourselves, and with the belief that others might need it as well. We do it because we believe in freedom. Feel free to donate to help cover the costs, and check out our recently launched premium VPN accounts for those who want to support our community and earn token rewards!


Do you accept donations?

If you are enjoying our service and find it useful, please consider donating or get in touch with us to find out how to help.