Privacy should be free.

Whether you need to bypass censorship or you just care about privacy, our free VPN service is here for you.

1 in 4 internet users deals with some form of censorship. Some can’t access Facebook or YouTube. Others can’t watch sports events or movies. There are some who can’t read websites that provide opposing views or address certain topics. We want to help them all fight censorship. We also believe everyone should have the right to privacy, to access the internet freely, without the fear of being watched, identified and held liable for actions unalligned to a political regime’s views. Our free VPN service is here to help.




CENSORSHIP helps you surf the web freely regardless of where you are. We believe the internet should be the same for everybody.


We believe you should visit any website you like, and talk to anyone you want without someone snooping on you. When people know they are being watched, they tend to resort to self-censorship.


Freedom of the internet, freedom of thought, access to education, and privacy are some of the fundamental rights every citizen of this world should have in order to encourage progress, innovation and creativity.